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Our New Name Dundas Handmade
              Has grown & still is Growing /Since 2018
Come see us  at 137 Melville Street Dundas
                          St. Saint James Anglician Church
                                 In the Heart of Dundas 

          Hi, I'm Christine Green and I am the owner of
  For this  Dundas Handmade Market, I am looking for  Different/ Unique/ Interesting
  My Vendors are all different in what they make, so you get a variety that's handmade
There is something for everyone to see, come meet the makers and see/touch/ and 
    talk to them. They are so excited to show you what they have been busy making since
    the last Market in April 2023. We have new vendors as well as returning vendors
  There are
now 4 rooms to browse through.
         The Dundas Room/ The Parlour & The Hallways to The Narthex Room 
                                       I hold 2 Markets a year  Spring & Fall


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